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Tel: (+39) 335 786 3300

Email: info@vitaeterra.com

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We produce delicious mono-cultivar extra-virgin olive oil. It is made simply by pressing the olives from our Taggiasca trees to produce delicious oil untainted by chemicals of any sort. We have never used chemical fertilisers, insecticides or treatments on either our soil or directly on the olives.


We are currently in conversion with ICEA to be able to certify our oil as organic. From 2017 we will be able to put this prestigious mark on our bottles of oil. Until then you can rest assured that what you buy from us is as nature intended.


2014 season update

Well, this has been a terrible year for olive oil production. Between the warm winter and damp cool summer the olive fly has been present in abundance. This year it has devasted our crop (like many of our neighbours). It has particularly hit organic producers as we do not use insecticides or lavacides. There has been too much rain to keep the natural deterents working properly on the trees. This year we are sad to say we have no oil to sell. Please check back next November and fingers crossed it will be a better harvest for us all.


Of course you can support us by giving the wonderful gift of naming an olive tree.


Just visit our shop to buy or contact us for more information.