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Family-Owned Business Built on Love

10 years ago a quick trip to Apricale set us on the path we are on today as olive farmers. It was love at first sight. Love for the farm and love for olive farming. We love it so much that Penny studied to become the only British, female, government-listed olive oil taster.

It's hard work and sometimes extra challenging as we farm only organically but there is nothing we would rather be doing and tasting our own oil straight from the mill never fails to bring a big silly grin to our faces.


'Agricultura Eroica' or heroic farming is a phrase used to describe farming in extreme conditions. Extreme, in Italy? How is that possible? Well, our land is steep and terraced. We can't mechanise our processes. Everything is done using hand tools. It makes the cost of production far higher than the intensive, mechanised olive farms you find elsewhere.  Not convinced it's heroic? Take a look at our Instragram page for some photos of just how heroic it really is!

Come and experience the peace and tranquility of our ancient olive grove set on the sunkissed terraces of Apricale. Walk the forgotten mule tracks that criss-cross the hillside or wander down to the river with its crumbling watermills, a glimpse of times gone by. Taste our hand-picked, extra virgin, Taggiasca olive oil or help bring this place back to life by naming an olive tree.

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We produce delicious mono-cultivar extra-virgin olive oil. It is made simply by pressing the olives from our Taggiasca trees to produce delicious oil untainted by chemicals of any sort. We have never used chemical fertilisers, insecticides or treatments on either our soil or directly on the olives.

We spray our trees with Kaolin (a simple clay) to protect them from attacks by the olive fly. This washes off at the mill prior to pressing, if the rain hasn't got there first.


We are certified by ICEA - code: IT BIO 006 F367 - to be able to produce organic olives and olive oil. So you can rest assured that what you buy from us is as nature intended.

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